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Are Mass Shootings an American Epidemic? A Talk with Professor Christopher J. Ferguson.

On May 14 2022, a Buffalo gunman shot and killed 10 people at a mall. Have these incidents increased in recent years? Are such acts perpetrated primarily by right-wing extremists? Are Americans more violent than Europeans? What influence do gun laws have on mass shootings?

I asked these and other questions to Prof. Dr. Christopher J. Ferguson from Stetson University in Orlando/Florida. Prof. Ferguson is a forensic psychologist and successful non-fiction and fiction author. He has also done numerous studies on the connection between computer games and violence

Among others, he also published the great book "How Madness shaped History" in 2020. In it, Ferguson analyzes the mental health of famous government leaders, army commanders and presidents in history.

In the 71st episode of the podcast "the stoic pirate" I discuss the following topics with Prof. Dr. Christopher J. Ferguson:

- Have mass shootings increased in recent years?

- Do the majority of shooters have a political affiliation?

- Are mass shootings an American phenomenon?

- What influence do gun laws have?

- How could such mass shootings be prevented?

- The somewhat special political system of the USA;

- The problem of primaries;

- The mental health of heads of state.

If you want to know more about Professor Christopher J. Ferguson go visit his Website:

Transcripts will be uploaded.


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