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Hockey Grit: A conversation about mental toughness with Ph.D. Kevin L. Willis

The 89th episode of the podcast "the stoic pirate" is about mental strength. My guest is Ph.D. Kevin L. Willis. Kevin is a Performance Psychologist and one of the leading mental coaches in North American ice hockey.

The 56 year old from Charlottesville/Virginia is convinced that the difference between top athletes and average ones can be found mainly in the area of mental strength.

In this podcast, Kevin talks about self-awareness, managing talent, personality traits of successful athletes, managing expectations, the role of parents, and much more.

In 2019, Kevin published an excellent book titled "Hockey Grit - Grind & Mind". A book that I would recommend to any ambitious hockey player, but also to other athletes or people who want to improve their mental strength. The book is written in an entertaining and understandable way.

Other Books mentioned in this Podcast:

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