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A Life like a Roller Coaster Ride: From the Gutter to his own School - A Talk with Maury Power

Maury Power is the founder and owner of the "Big Dreams Club" in the greater Moncton/New Brunswick area in Canada.

The "Big Dreams Club" is located in an old school house in Lower Coverdale about 10 minutes by car south of Moncton. A wide variety of activities are offered there: From yoga classes, fitness training, mental coaching, kinesiology to digital marketing training. The school building is also used as a really cool Air B'n'B.

The fact that someone buys an old schoolhouse, restores it himself and uses it to implement his ideas is already something special. But Maury Power's life story is even crazier.

Maury lived in the gutter, was an alcoholic and spent time in prison. When their house in British Columbia burned down a few years ago, Maury and his family were left with nothing.

How the house painter, who never had any cash reserves, managed to raise the money to start a new life with his family and to pay in full for the large vacant schoolhouse on the other side of Canada in a very short time is an exciting and inspiring story.

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